Silicon Irish provide web development services to fintech companies using the best coding languages, frameworks, libraries and best practices.

Silicon Irish provide high quality mobile application services using the best programming languages, UX & UI, and also mobile design based on proven data research.

Silicon Irish use high quality database structure, patterns, best practices, data visualisation and data analysis as part of my services.

Silicon Irish will build the following:

1. Website app that is mobile responsive

  • I will build the front-end of the website using Html, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, DC.js, D3.js and Crossfilter.

  • I will build the back-end of the website application using Python, more Javascript, Django or Flask, SQL or NoSQL, Docker, and using methods such as Agile software development.

  • The graphic design will be done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

  • The User Experience, User Interface, Site Architecture and Mapping will be done on separate other software platforms to provide that top class quality ever clients wants in their new website.

2. Tailor made unique design to exactly fit your needs and goals that is nothing like any of your competitors.

3. Top class user experience when the user comes on to your website and mobile application.

4. High quality database management for your website.

5. Stunning graphic design for your website to make it stand out from the crowd.

6. Tailor made data visualisation to analysis user trends and KPI's (Key performance indicators).

Pricing for web application service

Development charge : € 80 per hour