Experienced full stack python software developer. Building stunning desktop & mobile applications.

Web development

The online world is changing every year. By making smart changes to your website you can compete with the best.

Mobile applications

The innovation and technology that can be built on mobile application is endless. As barriers are broken down.

Data science

If your business does not harness and use the rich data you collect, your business will miss out on future sales.

Fintech companies and Startups!!

When building a web and mobile application for your company their are a few things you should take note of to making this project a success.

1.  Structure, structure and structure. If your building and designing an application you should know in advance the structure of your files and folders because if you start building and you don't know where a specific code is placed, then when you get a bug in your application which everyone does, you can find it very quickly. This will save your business a lot of time, money and resources.

2.  Communication!! It's very important that you should pick a software developer with great communication skills that can explain technology in simple terms to a client with little software skills. It's a software developer duty to make sure the client knows exactly what the project is going to achieve, how it's going to be executing and the clients staff are on the same wave length to offer their opinion to make their application exactly what they said out to achieve in the first place.

My name is Anthony Keogh, I am the founder and software developer of Silicon Irish.

Experienced in the following technology

Silicon Irish develop web and mobile applications in python
I develop web applications for companies using python framework called django
Very experienced in programming web and mobile applications in javascript
MySQL and NoSQL databases
Silicon Irish use the javascript framework angularjs to code applications
Silicon Irish use javascript library called jquery to develop excellent web and mobile applications.
Silicon Irish provide data visualisation services that include D3.js, Dc.js and crossfilter to design top class graphs, charts and interactive data analysis
Silicon Irish use bootstrap as a css framework to design stunning websites for fintech companies
Html and css is the backbone of the web and is something which Silicon Irish very experienced
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Done right

That great feeling the business owners, CEO's and staff get knowing their website was built with the best software languages, tools and technology so they can get on with their job at hand.
Constantly worrying over whether the website is good enough for the company and whether it meets the clients needs is what halts the progress of a company trying to make it big online. Clarity, focus and decisive decisions are needed.


Junior Software Developer


My Python applications will be showcased soon in the coming weeks.

All web & mobile applications should be built around data

This is called DATA-DRIVEN-DEVELOPMENT and should be implemented in your business if you want to get serous about being successful online.

  If data is harnessed and analysed well, it can be your pathway to more sales going forward. All the other methods, practices, framework and strategies should be built around this data.



I Studied business in CIT, from there I took interest in the online world and how businesses can greatly improve the profits by making simple changes to their website.

     It is then I develop a business in digital marketing dealing with local businesses. I found that during this period more and more clients wanted their website to be better and reach more people. For that reason I studied Software Development at the Code Institute where I learned an incredible amount valuable information and practices that can transform a business from being in the wilderness to competing with the best online.

Ever changing

The financial technology environment is changing at a rapid pace to make customer experience better and quicker every year.

If your business does not invest in making the website keep up with ever changing consumer needs, it will get left behind in the crowd.

Analysing the last 10 years in the online world it is clear to see the companies who reinvested and put the effort to making their website a success and in doing so generating strong profits year on year.


First impressions matter

The online research now suggests if you don't make a positive and compelling reason for customers to choose your business or have a brand rich marketing

strategy, the customer is highly unlikely to return to your website.

Python is the way forward

Google, Instagram, Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox and many more of the biggest Silicon Valley companies are built with python.

Python offers a wide range of benefits in using its language including incredible database management for your website, productivity, speed, data structure and data visualisation. The benefits are endless with python.


Mob: 085-2171717

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